Adobe Analytics | New Datasets Available in ChannelMix

The below are now available as activatable datasets in ChannelMix.  ChannelMix has standard mapping available to include these in your Pipeline and Website OneViews/Dashboards.  Please feel free to send a ticket to the Platform Support team if you would like to have these datasets added to your OneViews and Dashboards.

Please note that not all of these fields will populate in the standard dataset and ChannelMix OneViews.  The nature of Adobe Analytics reporting is very customizable, which makes it difficult for ChannelMix to predict which fields you need in your reporting.  We pull a small set of standard dimensions and metrics that are available through the API, but further customization may be needed to align the dataset to your reporting needs.  Any dimensions that are not pulled will display "Not Available" as their values.  Please submit a ticket to the Platform Support team for customization.

Datasets Now Available:

Impacted OneViews:




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