Pinterest Version 5 Upgrade

ChannelMix has fully migrated to Pinterest v5. Previous versions of Pinterest's API will officially sunset on June 30, 2023. 

All users will need to re-authorize their Pinterest connections through the connections page in C3, before June 30th. If you need a quick refresh on how to reconnect your Pinterest account, check out this article

This applies to all Pinterest datasets. Users who have not re-authorized will experience ingestion delays starting on June 30th.

An Important Authorization Difference: 

In this new version of the API, Pinterest has changed their authorization tokens. Moving forward, Pinterest will ask you to re-authenticate your account once a year in order for ChannelMix to continue pulling data. We’ll be sure to send you an email alert when this is required.

How will this affect your ChannelMix Datasets?

Ads Datasets: 

Any ad_group_conversion datasets using the deprecated attribution windows of [click_1, engagement_0, view_0] will be updated to the attribution window of [click_30, engagement_30, view_1]. 

Organic Datasets:

With v5, Pinterest has deprecated the field 'Pin Stats'. ChannelMix will be deprecating our current All Pins and Top Pins datasets and replacing them with their v5 counterparts. Legacy ‘top pins’ datasets will continue ingesting available data until you migrate to the new standard. Legacy ‘all_pins’ datasets will pause ingestion, to retain the data. 

Top Pins - The ‘Top Pins’ dataset will retain its naming ‘v_pinterest_top_pins_impression’ but many fields will change. Once you reauthorize and begin using v5 to pull data some fields will be NULL you upgrade to the newest version. To upgrade, please submit a request at

Pin Analytics - "All Pins" dataset will stop populating once you begin using v5 (Or after June 30th when the API is deprecated). The "All Pins" dataset will be replaced by 'v_pinterest_organic_pin_analytics'. You can activate this dataset via C3 once you reauthorize. 

Please reach out to your CSM for any questions regarding this update, and follow ChannelMix News for updates!




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