ChannelMix Control Center Update to Backfill Timespan

Backfilling your standard data sources with ChannelMix just got a whole lot easier! Now, when you activate one of our standard datasets in the ChannelMix Library, you have the option to backfill for a span of two years, saving you time and tickets! 

When you activate a dataset, simply edit your start date to a period of up to 731 days.

Please note that ChannelMix has a monthly quota per source. This quota is not often hit, but if it is, you will receive a Limit Exceeded message in ChannelMix Control Center. If you hit this limit, please submit a ticket. 

If your reporting purposes require more than two years worth of historical data, we recommend submitting a request to our support team with a backfill file attached. We cannot guarantee a timeline or data access of more than two years using our APIs. 




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