Facebook Social Page Dataset Field Deprecations

As Facebook migrates to the new Pages experience, they will be deprecating a total of 83 Page Insights metrics from the classic page insights (Page Insights API Updates). Continue reading to learn how this affects your ChannelMix Data. 

ChannelMix Facebook Social Page Standards

In short, unless you’ve customized your data or connected to your v_facebook_page view directly, it doesn’t affect you.

ChannelMix currently pulls two of these fields: “page_engaged_users” and “page_content_activity”. Both are used in our Facebook Page dataset, “page_engaged_users” as “Engaged Users” and “page_content_activity” as “Page Stories”. However, these are not mapped into any current OneViews or ChannelMix dashboards. 

Facebook Social Page Customizations

If you do have custom Facebook Social datasets, you can check for potentially affected metrics here:  Facebook Changelog | Full list of Deprecated Page Insights. The fields that remain in your datasets after March 11th will appear as NULL in your existing datasets. 

Channelmix will no longer support the deprecated page insights starting March 11, 2024.




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