Adobe API Update

Who does this affect?
This update affects any client who pulls Adobe data through ChannelMix using a low-traffic value. What is a low-traffic value? Great question! When a report has many unique values, Adobe provides functionality to ensure that the most important values appear in your report. Unique variable values collected beyond a certain threshold are listed under a dimension item labeled Low-Traffic.

What has changed?
Adobe has recently announced they are raising the upper and lower thresholds for their low-traffic value. 

This change should only affect reports with unique values above the original lower threshold (500,000 unique values in a month) and are now under the new threshold (2,000,000 unique values in a month). If your reporting meets the above criteria, you may start seeing changes in your reporting as values move from low-traffic back to the actual values.

When will I see these changes?
These changes will be made incrementally and should be finalized at the end of May 2024. More information can be found in Adobe's documentation Low-traffic value in Adobe Analytics

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