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Welcome to the ChannelMix Connection Page!

ChannelMix connections fall into one of three categories:

Identified in ChannelMix Control Center with a "ChannelMix" badge, these connections are managed by ChannelMix.
Example: File Uploads
Indentified in ChannelMix Control Center with an "Org" badge, these connections are made at the organizational client level and can be shared by clients under the organization.
Example: Google Analytics
This connection is assigned to a single client. Each client connection is available to the individual client and the organizational client but not other clients under the organization. This will not have a badge indentifier on the connection listing.

To get started, select a data source to your left. Learn more about what is included in the contents of each page below.

🔌Connection Guide

Learn specific details regarding

  • Connection type
  • Profile association
  • User permissions
  • Time zones
  • API limitations.

Data Guide

Learn about

  • Daily lags and refresh spans
  • The report types to which ChannelMix connects
  • The fields ChannelMix pulls for standard datasets
  • Other additional available fields from the API.

Reporting Guide

Learn about

  • The OneViews powered by this source.
  • The dashobards powered by this source